The Programmer's Dream

So many pictures. So many thoughts. So many trees!
By Nick Bradbury
Then as I got even older I realized that the people in charge are as clueless as the rest of us. Like our software, our society just kind of happened over the years and it’s always on the verge of coming tumbling down. Nobody really knows what they’re doing or what they’re talking about.
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I bet he is my age.

Editor's manifesto

SeaWorld. Sunday. Christmas.
Fire Field

Create, edit and delight with pictures. Candid, beautiful or cinematic pictures. If I can make them, I want them. No matter the CAMERA or the APPS or the SHARING method. And if I'm happy with a particular picture, I don't have to share it. If it is close to my heart, it's Ok if only a few people will see it. Because if I arrive at a higher level of satisfaction, then I will know it is my picture and no one else.

Curating a group of a hundred pictures and bring them down to five fascinates me. Editing them with simple tools and tagging and archiving them for easy find in the future satisfies me. Always looking to simplify the process causes a headache sometimes, but the workflow is very important. Smoothing the process is a constant, not a variable. Delighting the eyes of others and knowing I'm recording a moment in time fuels for more.

Connect, document and record. Don't be shy. Walk away if nothing is there, but walk away knowing you did everything possible to create, edit and delight with that picture.

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Without direction.
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Random photographs.
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With Non-Compete clause.
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I was in and then I was out. Then I came back as a casual visitor, before been a daily visitor. Now I'm an Instagramer after all. Just like with Flickr, it has a time and a place. However, the heart is right here at SmugMug/between Tech & Art.

Audi prologue Desktop and iPad Wallpaper

Audi prologue Concept Car, iPad Wallpaper
Audi prologue Concept Car, iPad Wallpaper

Featured @ LA Auto Show, Audi prologue Concept Car
Featured @ LA Auto Show, Audi prologue Concept Car

Photos by Audi AG. Retouched by me to meet background requirements. Tap each to download.

Stop being a tourist


By Thomas Ricker:
Without fail, the overwhelming majority of people — most of whom had traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles at great cost, mind you — would bounce dozens of automatic-flash photos across the glass face protecting her smile before turning to leave the room, choosing to stare at a mere digital representation of the 500-year-old painting instead of the masterpiece itself. Actual viewing with the unaided eye lasted only a few seconds. Even then, that momentary lapse into reality was more for the purpose of reorientation in the jostling crowd than thoughtful consideration of the art in front of them. I realized then that staring at something beautiful through a 4-inch window isn’t appreciation, it’s voyeurism.
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