Audi prologue Desktop and iPad Wallpaper

Audi prologue Concept Car, iPad Wallpaper
Audi prologue Concept Car, iPad Wallpaper

Featured @ LA Auto Show, Audi prologue Concept Car
Featured @ LA Auto Show, Audi prologue Concept Car

Photos by Audi AG. Retouched by me to meet background requirements. Tap each to download.

Stop being a tourist


By Thomas Ricker:
Without fail, the overwhelming majority of people — most of whom had traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles at great cost, mind you — would bounce dozens of automatic-flash photos across the glass face protecting her smile before turning to leave the room, choosing to stare at a mere digital representation of the 500-year-old painting instead of the masterpiece itself. Actual viewing with the unaided eye lasted only a few seconds. Even then, that momentary lapse into reality was more for the purpose of reorientation in the jostling crowd than thoughtful consideration of the art in front of them. I realized then that staring at something beautiful through a 4-inch window isn’t appreciation, it’s voyeurism.
Story @ The Verge

From the Annual Pass and Frames per Week Galleries

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Apple bought Beats Music. Steve Ballmer bought the LA Clippers. And I'm still post-processing pictures taken at the Disney Parks.

Donald Duck

After the break, a picture taken at my Mom's garden using the Lumix LX7. That bug scared me, but that didn't stop me to recompose and trigger the shutter.

New Leica T from Audi design team

Another beauty baked in Audi design labs. I hope both companies continue to collaborate. And I hope future Leica X cameras take from this one.

Star Wars Weekends, The Force is Strong with Them

You've never faced my kind before.Star Wars Weekends,Hollywood Studios.

He's no good to me dead.

Part of the Annual Pass gallery, these pictures carry the force with them. With more than 400 pictures to edit and process, the collection will run for while. It has become a project that I work intermediately.